Wordstock Sudbury Literary Festival is helping to address the emerging need for activities centered around literacy for children in grades 3 – 9 who have struggled to connect to reading and writing during the pandemic. (Age range 8-15 years old).

The program offers targeted reading and writing activities to engage and inspire children in school, library and after-school program environments and is offered at no-cost. 

Our activities include;

  • Presentations from selected published Canadian children’s authors at elementary, middle and high schools in Sudbury (English program), libraries and after school programs in Sudbury.  Students in school presentations will each receive a copy of the author’s book as well some take-away activities and follow-up materials for learning.
  • Book swaps in a variety of locations including at Wordstock Sudbury Literary Festival 2023.


For further details please contact;

Lou Hayden (she/her)

Project Coordinator – Nickel City Literacy League (Youth Program)



Wordstock Sudbury Literary Festival