Reading allows us to travel and explore the furthest reaches of imagination. Find your way home in these books, featuring Northern Ontario and Northern Ontario’s literary voices.

Wordstock Sudbury Literary Festival has been supporting and inspiring Northern readers, writers, and lovers of words for ten years. Making CanLit accessible to those in the north is central to our mission, and many of the authors featured in this reading list have attended Wordstock as guests, participants, and volunteers. Reading local is one way to find and celebrate the talent right here in our Northern community.

Come On Over!

By Dieter K. Buse

Emptying the Ocean

By Kim Fahner

A Burning We Will Die

By Betty Guenette

Woman, Watching

By Merilyn Simonds

In for a Dime

By John Jantunen

Ring of Fire

By Virginia Heffernan

Undergrowth / Broussailles

By Sara Angelucci and Shannon Anderson

No Great Mischief

By Alistair MacLeod

The Underpainter

By Jane Urquart

Beyond The Trees

By Adam Shoalts

Uncommon Sense

By Adam Mardero

Jerry Lewis Told Me I was Going TO Die

By Matthew Del Papa

Notes Towards Recovery

By Louise Ells

Forever Birchwood

By Danielle Daniel

The Sound of A Rainbow

By Sharon Frayne

L’incendiaire de Sudbury

L’incendiaire de Sudbury

By Chloé LaDuchesse

Grin Reaping

By Rod Carley

Wabanang, An Anishinaabe granddaughter’s search for the truth

By Judii Merle

Enlightened by Defilement

By Vera Constantineau


By Emma Coté