Reading allows us to travel and explore the furthest reaches of imagination. Find your way home in these books, featuring Northern Ontario and Northern Ontario’s literary voices. 

Wordstock Sudbury Literary Festival has been supporting and inspiring Northern readers, writers, and lovers of words for ten years. Making CanLit accessible to those in the north is central to our mission, and many of the authors featured in this reading list have attended Wordstock as guests, participants, and volunteers. Reading local is one way to find and celebrate the talent right here in our Northern community. 




Moon of the Crusted Snow

by Samra Habib

Pine Bugs and .303s

by Samra Habib

Summer Gone

by David MacFarlane

Delicious Monsters by Liselle Sambury

Delicious Monsters

by Liselle Sambury

The Other Side Of The Bridge

by Mary Lawson

Generation A

by Douglas Coupland

No Great Mischief

by Alistair MacLeod

The Night Wanderer

by Drew Hayden Taylor

Someone Comes to Town, Somone Leaves Town

by Cory Doctorow

Crow Lake

By Mary Lawson

The Underpainter

By Jane Urquart

Dog Tracks

By Ruby Slipperjack

The Factory Voice

By Jeanette Lynes

Indian Horse

By Richard Wagamese

We’re All In This Together

By Amy Jones

If I Fall, I Die

By Michael Christie

Beyond The Trees

By Adam Shoalts

Pigeon Soup & Other Stories

By Rosanna Battigelli


By Rebecca Salazar

This Red Line Goes Straight to Your HEart

By Madhur Anand

Uncommon Sense

By Adam Mardero

Connection at Newcombe

By Kayt Burgess

Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapyuskasking

By Tomson Highway

Jerry Lewis Told Me I was Going TO Die

ByMatthew Del Papa


By Thomas Leduc

The Tenderness of Wolves

By Stef Penney

The Seventh Shot

By Ann Burke

Notes Towards Recovery

By Louise Ells

The Winter Men

By Brit Griffin

The Undertaking of Billy Buffone

By David Giuliano

The Dependent

By Danielle Daniel

Forever Birchwood

By Danielle Daniel

The Sound of A Rainbow

By Sharon Frayne

Along The 46th

Edited by Mitchell Gauvin

The Sun Will Shine

By Laura Cotesta

The Burdern of Memories

By Janet Calcaterra

The Doomsday Book of Fairytales

By Emily Brewes

Leading The Pack

By Scott Miller


By Charlie Angus

Things Worth Burying

By Matt Mayr

If Tenderness Be Gold

By Eleanor Albanese

Before The Usual Time

Edited by Darlene Naponse

Gold pours

Gold Pours

By Aurore Gatwenzi

L’incendiaire de Sudbury

L’incendiaire de Sudbury

By Chloé LaDuchesse

Cutting Down HalfThe Trees

By Evan J

Emptying The Ocean

Emptying The Ocean

By Kim Fahner

Letters in a Bruised Cosmos

Letters In A Bruised Cosmos

By Liz Howard

Grin Reaping

By Rod Carley