CanLit was born within a colonial landscape, just as each of us has been. The very words we speak, and the forms in which we write were also birthed within that context. Here is a reading list of indigenous authors, living in what is now known as Canada,  whose work reclaims languages, expands beyond colonial structures, and celebrates lives that are systematically oppressed.

Wordstock Sudbury Literary Festival has been thrilled to host many authors from this list, including Waubgeshig Rice, David A. Robertson, Drew Hayden Taylor, Michelle Good, Lee Maracle, Liz Howard, and Gregory Scofield. Stay tuned for our 2023 program!

Spells, Wishes, and the Talking Dead

By Wanda John-Kehewin

The Fire Still Burns

By Sam George

Moving Upstream

By Mary Barnes

kâ-pî-isi-kiskisiyân / The Way I Remember

By Solomon Ratt

Old Gods

By Conor Kerr

The Elk Whistle Warrior Society

By Rick Rivelle

Carrying It Forward

By John Brady McDonald


By Jules Delorme

The Big Melt

By Emily Riddle

Killing the Wittigo

By Suzanne Methot

Son of a Trickster

By Eden Robinson


By Cherie Dimaline

Letters In A Bruised Cosmos

By Liz Howard

Moon of the Crusted Snow book cover

The Moon of the Crusted Snow

By Waubgeshig Rice

Five Little Indians

By Michelle Good

Crow Winter

By Karen McBride

Life In The City of Dirty Water

By Clayton Thomas-Muller

Split Tooth

By Tanya Tagaq

Cut To Fortress

By Tawahum Bige

Avenue Of Champions

By Conor Kerr